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Different Outlook on Quarantine

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

[Work From Home Day 12]

During these hard times of the global pandemic, most countries have enforced Movement Control Order or a total lockdown to curb the spreading of the virus further. Having to abide by this enforcement, most people regard being quarantine as a form of isolation that devoid them of any physical and social activities, limited only within the compound of their homes.

The constant bombardment from media of the rapid growth on the numbers of an infected person can sometimes be debilitating and causes so much anxiety, especially to those who are living with mental health conditions. In this seemingly impossible time to survive, we owe it to ourselves to intentionally control how we approach this pandemic news that comes our way. We’ve been practicing social distancing physically, but it is as important to do it mentally as well with all the negativity.

Now that the Movement Control Order has been prolonged for another two weeks, I would like to encourage everyone to start nurturing a positive mindset. Start looking at that greener pastures in your home. Take advantage of this situation to bond with your family members or your loved ones. For instance, if your other half has been maintaining the house all this while, perhaps it’s time to share the responsibilities of doing daily chores together. By doing so, not only it’ll help you to come to a realization on how much effort it takes to maintain and upkeep the very sanctuary you’ve been living in, but it also gives a new profound appreciation towards your other half. And I’m sure your other half would also enjoy and appreciate having you helping out. Two is, after all, better than one.

Sharing meals together is another way you can strengthen your bond. Due to our busy schedule, we often find ourselves always on the go, overlooking the beauty in sharing meals. Through this environment, we can foster a better understanding of each other’s views, aspirations and keep each other updated on life activities and future goals. 

So, when we come out of this pandemic, we learn how to love, share, to respect, and to appreciate our family members.


Finance Manager, Dale Carnegie Malaysia

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