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The World at the Tip of Your Fingers

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

[Work From Home, Day 11]

Greetings everyone! How are you doing amidst the pandemic? I hope you are all adhering to #StayHome #DudukRumah rules, follow strict hygiene practices, social distancing and seek medical help if you are experiencing illness. On the bright side, this is the time where everyone is finally together at home and this is the perfect time to experience or explore new things - through none other than the borderless platform of the world wide web. After the third day, I am pretty sure everyone is tired scrolling on their social media. Counting days for when this is all be in the past. Hold that thought! Time is precious.

Dale Carnegie’s fundamental principles for overcoming worry are as such: 

How to face trouble: 

> Ask yourself, "What is the worst that can possibly happen?" 

> Prepare to accept the worst.

> Try to improve on the worst.

COVID-19 has disrupted our daily life in many ways, personally and professionally. It is indeed ‘trouble’. Why not try these instead to not just to kill time but greatly benefit from it? Here are great things that you can do at home and how it will benefit you:

1. More than just shopping!

The pandemic has all of us house-bound but fret not! You can now experience online grocery shopping! Many supermarkets now have their apps or webpage for you to get your groceries, hassle-free! Remember to support our local sellers as well! Many are offering their special take away and delivery services to your doorstep. Let us support each other in the time of crisis! Try your best in reducing waste and try composting. There is also abundance of videos on how to grow our vegetables or herbs at home. 

2. You get a book, you get a book, everybody gets a book (or more)!

Courtesy from our National Library, they now provide 13.2 million books to read online at Perhaps you have been eyeing on multiple books to read? Then click the website, choose your desired reading materials and enjoy! We have been lacking time to read books while we are busy working and commuting, but now is a great time to keep on reading! By reading e-books, we are also doing our part in saving the trees!

3. Virtual journeys!

Since traveling is banned all around the world and countries are closing their borders to contain/protect their country from COVID-19, virtual journeys are always open 24/7 and waiting for you to experience! There are some webpages that offer a 360-degrees view of stunning nature and museums for you to enjoy. Just put on your headset and a virtual reality google (if you have one) and enjoy the magnificent view. When this is all over, maybe we all can go together! For now, play your role and #StayHome. We are all in this together!

4. Never-ending learning through online courses!

With the era of technology and everything is at the tip of your finger, anything is possible, and this has opened the endless learning opportunities! Just head over to the search bar, click on a topic- e-learning courses, cooking class, gym class, tutorials, and all the how-to videos. You can watch and try new things! Learning is a continuous process so why stop here? I read a tweet that ‘we will all get out of this pandemic as a master chef or a master trainer’ depending on what you decide to learn and appreciate your precious time!

One of our Dale Carnegie Values is ALIVE, and L stands for ‘Lifelong learning’ and E stands for ‘Enthusiasm’. Even amid a pandemic, never neglect the power of knowledge and keep your enthusiasm no matter where we are! A famous quote from Steve Jobs, “Stay foolish, stay hungry”. 

Being quarantined or housebound can be exhausting and suffocating, but the world wide web has so much to offer, all you need to do is type, search and learn. We should be considered lucky as we are still somewhere out there in the virtual world, even when our body is contained. We as fellow Malaysians must do our part to end this pandemic, once and for all. My advice is to keep spreading positivity, adhere to the rules, stop worrying and start living! Take care, everyone!


Sales and Marketing Executive, Dale Carnegie Malaysia

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