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Creating a Positive Environment Amidst Crisis!

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

[Work from home, Day 1]

Let us create a positive environment amidst crisis!

1. Malaysians are navigating into the uncharted territory within the next two weeks. But we all have one thing in common, that is the need to rid COVID-19 out of our country so we can continue with our everyday life. How fast we can purge our country from this “uninvited guest” depends entirely on us as Malaysians. The authorities have imposed the “Restriction of Movement Order” beginning on the 18th until 31st March 2020. The noble intention was to control the influx of COVID-19 cases and eventually to taper it downwards.

2. However, even before the “Restriction of Movement Order” was placed into effect, there is already unnecessary chaos expressed by irresponsible individuals. Because of this, instead of achieving the intended nobler objectives, the situation was made worse.

3. Two things happened which lead to these confusions. First is when there is an uncontrollable increase of people rushing to get supplies from grocery stores and supermarkets or as how the general public has dubbed it as “panic buying”. It made the situation worse with the circulation of fake news flying around in cyberspace. In actuality, there is no need for “panic buying” as rest assured, we have enough everyday necessities for all.

Secondly, there is the sudden restriction movement order resulted in universities and colleges shutting down. The students were asked to leave their campus. With this, many students find themselves in exodus, rushing to return home in different states. This includes citizens going against the order and travel back to their hometown. This seizes the efforts done by IGP who is monitoring the movements of the citizen so they can be proactive to trace the source as to where the virus originates from, should situations come to it. The reason interstate travels are banned is to avoid COVID-19 from spreading to the rest of our country and by going against it, the efforts will all be in vain. Please stay where you are, and worry not, as we are all in this together.

4. The chaos ensued is the unintentional result of these many factors. However, we must never discount the actions of those working hard amidst these trying times. We salute the front liners and authorities that have been proactive and agile to ensure the safety of the Malaysian people. Also, almost immediately we hear accounts from various supermarkets and grocers who assured that they will provide their tireless services every day and the fact that there are enough supplies to go about and that panic buying is unnecessary. Universities and colleges were asked to provide accommodation and supplies of food to students who will be staying back. State governments have been proactive in providing busses and airplanes for students to go back in an orderly manner. And of course, the swift decision of the IGP to temporarily withdraw the requirement to fill up the form at police stations after witnessing big crowds gathering at police stations across the country.

5. What this means is we are in good hands. The authorities are trying their level best to contain any chaos that ensues. They have proven to be agile in times of crisis.

6. It is now up to us as proud Malaysian citizens to cultivate a positive environment in these testing times.

7. The first Dale Carnegie Principles of Human Relations is “Do not condemn, criticize or complain”. This passage that our country is navigating through is new to every one of us including the authorities. The brave men and women who risk their lives despite limited resources are doing their best to help our country out of this doldrum. Let’s give them support. Let’s give them constructive feedback. Let’s give them ideas. But we don’t have to condemn, criticize or complain about them. They too are also parents, brothers, sisters, sons, and daughters who want to protect their family as much as you and I. Seek to understand before being understood.

8. So I implore to all as Malaysians, let us provide a positive environment in these trying times, even at the very least to our closest family members facing the same challenges and sharing the same home.

9. Spread that positive aura on what we write and share it on our social media networks.

10. We are all Malaysians, and we share the Malaysian values.

11. When every one of us contributes to building that positive aura, in no time we will return to prosperous times together. Continue creating a prosperous Malaysia!


Chief Executive Officer & President, Dale Carnegie Malaysia

(Image credit to The Jakarta Post)

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