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Fill your Mind with Thoughts of Peace, Courage, Health, and Hope

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

[Work from home, Day 2]

Good morning, Malaysia! On this second day where most people are staying home, how are you coping?

One of Dale Carnegie's principles from the book, “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living” is working well for me!

Peace - My heart is warmed by the actions of everyday heroes around us. For example, I observed how a middle-aged couple who operates a mini-market selling fresh vegetables in my neighborhood used an assuring tone to calm a panicking crowd that was scrambling for vegetables, telling them: “Don’t worry, we will be open every day, the food is enough. Buy what you need so that others also can buy some for their family members.” Immediately, I saw frantic faces relaxing, and people then slowed down in choosing the items they need and purchased only the necessary. I too, immediately felt peace in my mind, knowing that we can trust our fellow Malaysians to be here for each other.

Courage - “I stay at work for you, you stay home for us.” This heart-moving message from a neurosurgeon along with several nurses on duty in Pantai Hospital Penang have undoubtedly injected courage into the hearts of many. This post went viral on social media with Malaysians acknowledging the front-line medical teams for their commitment and courage during this crucial time. I am encouraged to be bold, not to panic in this moment of uncertainty, but trust that people can rely on our dedicated healthcare teams to overcome this COVID-19 situation together.

Health - I believe we can stay well informed about the necessary precautions needed to safeguard our health during this global pandemic. Stay at home, practice social distancing, and practice good personal hygiene. It is also important for us to take care of the health of our organization and teams. For many of us, this may be the first time we are required to work from home for an extended period. At Dale Carnegie Malaysia, we communicate with each other regularly. With the help of technology, we are able to keep the team engaged and focused during this difficult period. For example, every morning, we have a virtual meeting to discuss updates, set priorities for the day and encourage each other to give our best. We also make it a point to end the day at 5 pm with a quick review of our progress and achievements during the day. Through these calls, we also share various observations, reminders, tips, and even jokes. Ultimately, this has become a way for the team to show care for each other and helps us bond to fight as a team with high spirits.

Hope - There are things that I always hoped to do but have been pushed aside due to the daily hustle. Reading is one example. I am excited to share that I managed to finish reading a book yesterday! “Who Moved My Cheese?” was a refreshing read and I took away many valuable lessons. It is my hope that in the following days, I will continue to find this quiet time to read a few more books, to grow my knowledge and enhance my ability to make a difference for my team and our clients. I hope to be like Sniff and Scurry, to keep things simple, to be proactive in detecting change and be committed in searching for my New Cheese in the Maze. Right now, for Dale Carnegie Malaysia, our New Cheese is how we can help unlock new value for our clients, to inspire, to support and to motivate people during this crisis. At Dale Carnegie Malaysia, we are ready to be with you during these 14 days of restricted movement in the country, so please stay tuned for more updates from us!

Now, have you decided what to fill your mind with during this period? I have chosen peace, courage, health, and hope, I wish you would do the same. Share with us what your sources of peace, courage, health, and hope are during this time.

Thank you!


General Manager/Trainer, Dale Carnegie Malaysia

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