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How to Connect When We Are Disconnected: When Virus Violates Vivid World

[Work From Home, Day 21]

Divorce rate spikes across China after 'couples spend too much time together during coronavirus home quarantine', officials claim.

One office saw over 300 couples applying for divorces in the last three weeks.

Relationships: After the Coronavirus Outbreak, our daily life has changed; keeping our distance, eating habits, bedtime, also how we spend our weekend time. Do you feel the same?

· Personal Life

· Professional Life

· Social Life

Stop Worrying and Living Lively is Tough

I have been stressed as a mom for almost a month time, as a working mom who travels around, faces people, eats outside and comes back home. Absolutely, the first thing for me when stepping into the home is to call my daughter and ask her to give a hug. That moment has been missing for a while, I could see in my daughter’s eyes, she knew well what’s going on.

Lydia the singer and a mom: I saw her post, she didn’t even dare to cry, because she wants to avoid the virus spreading through her tears. Thinking of the same situation, it’s really tough if I can’t see my daughter for over 2 weeks also without knowing when it ends.

The best thing we can do and control is to try our best to protect ourselves and distance human touch and small living germs. Stay away from it, so we can stay close to the ones we love.

Focusing on Work During Fear is Challenging

No wonder the business stops: Small businesses, big organizations, and Independent Professionals are all in!

In the business world, we keep talking about digital disruption for years. We learn new skills, adapt our mindsets, and equip ourselves to be tech-savvy. With the lockdown these days, employers put more energy to engage employees to keep productivity. Employees need even more superpowers to thrive through this volatile time. Imagine that a salesperson is eager to make calls and is very disciplined. Sadly, external factors canceled face-to-face meetings and delayed payment terms, they cannot win or fight. We wish we would overcome all these situations soon.

During Chaos, Social Interactions in The Town Continues

Fake News Apps, Coronavirus Infected Locations Tracking Apps, IT Systems Work From Home, Virtual Meetings, Online Chatting, Plus Hundreds of Incoming Messages on Our Social Media Channels

These massive messages during the day remind us of the chaos that is happening all around the world and so close to home and family: How do you stop yourself from feeling overwhelmed?

To Overcome Worrying: Here are fundamental principles written by Dale Carnegie in “How to Stop Worry, and Start Living” book.

1. Live in “day-tight compartments.”, focus on today, don’t overthink of tomorrow.

2. How to face trouble:

  • a. Ask yourself, “What is the worst that can possibly happen?”

  • b. Prepare to accept the worse.

  • c. Try to improve on the worst.

3. Remind yourself of the exorbitant price you can pay for worry in terms of your health.

Let us know if we can support or help you with anything. Stay Safe, Stay Strong. Thanks!


Senior Consultant, Dale Carnegie of Thailand

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