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Commitment for a Decade

Today is the day; 20th September 2018. It is the last (8th) session of the Dale Carnegie Course-Skills for Success. 8 sessions are indeed short. I am proud that I have gained a wealth of knowledge and skills with the trainer, Yivon. Group leaders, Dr. Seetha, and Fung Che, and course mates throughout the sessions. Thanks, team 180802!!

Recalling the 1st session, I was excited yet nervous when I stepped into Dale Carnegie training centre. I see myself as a low self-confidence person, poor in communicating and expressing my thoughts. From 2nd session onward, I started to be more open to express myself during the sessions as all of us (the participants) are with the same goal, "To grow and have a continued growth"

The essence we got from each session is different and there are all unforgettable! I like to share some:

"Have you ever act like a Tarzan in a classroom? Yes, we did! We learned to express our emotions, to level up and down our voice tone, the pacing, eyes contact, body gesture and many more"

"Can you imagine how to express the busiest day in 90 seconds? Yes, we did that too!"

"Do you know newspaper can help us reduce stress?"

"What is LIONS? It is a formula to help us make our ideas clear"

After these sessions, I leveled up my self-confidence, I became more structural in giving thoughts and ideas, more daring to have body gestures during presentations and became genuinely interested in other people.

Knowledge and skills are powerful, but without practice it is useless. I would like to make a commitment to be a better person in human relations.

Imagine that you are sitting on a bench looking at an orange-red appearance sunset, touching your chin, and thinking hard who are you going to be in the next 10 years?

  1. I, WANT to be a firm and confident person

  2. I, WANT to be a good listener; to see things from the other person's point of view

  3. I, WANT to be an enthusiastic leader that people respect me as a person but not by my position

  4. I, WANT to speak my idea clearly and concisely

I am going to practice these skills to make them my permanent habits:

  1. Always refer to Dale Carnegie's golden book

  2. LIONS Formula

  3. Magic Formula

  4. Write a reflection report every Sunday

Improvement only comes with consistent, effective practice and by stepping out of the comfort zone. Let's start practicing by today! You will find it interesting in dealing with people.

Hi readers, I like that you are a genuine person. The reason I say this is because you are genuinely interested in my writing to be reading up to this point. You are great! Let's start practicing the principles today!



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