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3 Tips for Effective Networking

Networking effectively is essential to succeed in any line of business, though many are afraid of putting themselves out there and meet unfamiliar faces. Look back to the latest networking event you attended, it could be a conference, an exhibition, or a new product launch party. Did you look new faces in the eyes as you spoke and stood with confidence? Did you make your way around the room by engaging other people in lively conversation and active listening? If your answer to any of the questions was no, you more than likely loathe networking process. Without the proper method of #engagement, #networking can be a scary thing to do. Dale Carnegie once said,

“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go and get busy”

To begin with, here are 3 simple and easy tips for conquering your fear and network successfully with others.

 1. Know your personal value proposition.

Recognize your unique traits, skills, strength, and connections you can offer. Similar to the 30-seconds “elevator speech”, plan a commercial speech that reflects who you are, what you are looking for and how you can benefit and the other person or the company. You can start by practicing this with your family, close friends, colleagues or even by yourself until you can do it confidently with a stranger. If you are looking to connect with a specific individual, list out what you need to discuss and how you can benefit them. By recognizing your value and having a plan you can ensure a smooth conversation and avoid making yourself look incompetent when you meet the person who could be very valuable to you.

2. Open up.

Though it is clear to you that your goal is to land a job or procure and contract, take time to establish a genuine #relationship. Being open and honest is crucial to fostering respect. One way to ensure a meaningful relationship is to practice the 7th Human Relationship principle by Dale Carnegie.

“Be a good listener. Encourage others to talk about themselves”.

Asking new #connections about their work and, their interest and their passions, their take on industry-specific topics such as trends, risks, and opportunities demonstrates that you value them. It shows that you are not only interested in what you can get from them but rather also care about their well-being. 

3. Never pass on a person.

Never dismiss a person simply by knowing their position. When you are networking, leave your ego at the door. Bear in mind that although they may not seem important to you now, you never know if they may be able to help you in the future. Likewise, do not be intimidated to approach people with titles that reveal they are higher than you within their organization. Practice the Dale Carnegie 4th Human Relationship.

“Be genuinely interested in other people”.

You will be able to uncover if this person has #valuable connections or information that could benefit you.

These tips can greatly help you in establishing an #effective networking process. Never take the power of effective networking lightly. You may not realize it now, but a meaningful relationship can go a long way be it for your personal development or for your business endeavor. 

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